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Origins of astrology/astronomy

the heavens, silver moon, and night sky

From the origins of astrology in many aspects, astronomy was considered to be of the same concentration. Widely attributed to the Ancient Babylonian astrologers/astronomers, beginning from the earliest evidence of their system and its ascension, astrology is accredited. The Babylonians applied astral divination toward further insight concerning terrestrial affairs. Thereafter, the practice of the Babylonians was embraced and refined by the Egyptians. Mesopotamia, also accretive of astrology, is considered to have originated Western astrology in which following, was concerted and strengthened with classical/traditional astrological doctrine of practitioners from the Mediterranean Basin. Eventually, astrology was dispersed throughout Rome. The Greeks contributed the term zodiac, which means circle of animals, among numerous establishments that are implemented by practitioners of astrology today. Natal (Genethliacal) astrology, which is profoundly relative in this age, identifies its earliest origins during the closing of the fifth century BCE constructed in Babylonian text through symbolic-syllabic mode.

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