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What Is an Opposite Sign in Astrology

In astrology, opposites refer to an astrological sign and the 180-degree astrological sign of opposition to itself, better visualized when viewing an astrological wheel or natal chart. Another description for opposites is an astrological sign that has generally established, opposite traits in the opposite season of the contrasting astrological sign. This concept is relational to the idea of seasonal quadrants when viewing an astrological wheel or natal chart.

Opposite Signs in Astrology

Aries- Season, Spring & Libra- Season, Fall or Autumn

Taurus- Season, Spring & Scorpio- Season, Fall or Autumn

Gemini- Season, Spring & Sagittarius- Season, Fall or Autumn

Cancer- Season, Summer & Capricorn- Season, Winter

Leo- Season, Summer & Aquarius- Season, Winter

Virgo- Season, Summer & Pisces- Season, Winter

An example of opposites in terms of an individual and their natal chart is the Ascendant and Descendant Signs, North node and South node, or Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology. According to some astrological beliefs, an individual may not begin to mature enough and gain the ability to harmonize these oppositions until the ages of late twenties or early thirties years of age in Western Astrology and earlier to mid-forties years of age in Vedic Astrology. In Vedic Astrology, Ketu or the South node is associated with karma and malefic influence. The North node in astrology is one's position to develop into or evolve to a higher self or purpose or in Vedic Astrology, it reveals the karmic lesson in one's present life.

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