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Initial Descriptors for Modes or Strengths in Astrology

Cardinal or Movable Mode or Strength initiates and organizes various actions. Generally, these individuals are reliable, know how to start and complete activities and give attention to their environments if they are in a healthy place physiologically, psychologically and/or spiritually. The Cardinal or Movable Astrological Signs in astrology are Aries- Cardinal or Movable Fire, Cancer- Cardinal or Movable Water, Libra- Cardinal or Movable Air and Capricorn- Cardinal or Movable Earth.

If the Cardinal or Movable mode or strength isn’t being healthily utilized, individuals may be the total opposite of the above. Because the Cardinal mode is ready to begin or start, individuals may appear inconsiderate and domineering to some that may not share the same mode or strength.

Fixed Mode or Strength is determined and stable. Some may view these individuals’ determination as stubbornness but this may only be due to the initial presence of a fixed state. If one can logically convey information to these individuals or express stable, dedicated reasoning and the benefits of that reasoning, they may gradually shift into a more flexible state. Fixed modes aren’t likely to be hurried. The Fixed Astrological Signs in astrology are Taurus- Fixed Earth, Leo- Fixed Fire, Scorpio-Fixed Water and Aquarius- Fixed Air.

If the Fixed mode or strength isn’t being healthily utilized, a new meaning to stubbornness may occur. Fixed mode individuals may appear egocentric because of the mode being firmly stationed, possibly delaying these individuals from becoming more flexible, in turn, they may seem to be more self-centered.

Mutable or Common Mode or Strength is fluid in nature and adaptable. This mode also has a supportive nature. Some may view these individuals’ ability to be more amiable with people-pleasing or possibly being quirky, absent in the presence of others or uninvolved because of their flexible nature and finite straightforwardness at times. The Mutable or Common Astrological Signs in astrology are Gemini- Mutable or Common Air, Virgo- Mutable or Common Earth, Sagittarius- Mutable or Common Fire and Pisces- Mutable or Common Water.

If the Mutable or Common mode or strength isn’t being balanced or healthily utilized, they may possibly seem or become avoidant, therefore, ardently discerning to remove themselves from situations. There may be considerable reasoning for their separation, yet, this may not be the greatest decision for particular circumstances.

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