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Moon Signs and Some Brief, Initiate Descriptors

The Moon's position places a different astrological sign within 48 to 72 hours or 2.5 days. The Moon is actively the fastest celestial body in the Zodiac, therefore connecting the Moon Sign with the nature of a more if not the most personable sign in astrology, as well as it being connected to the inner depth and mind of an individual and their mother and/or possibly their earliest nurturer.

Aries Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Aries Moon individuals enjoy being first to succeed in endeavors that haven't been previously accomplished. This is because, as a fire sign, Aries is a pioneer. They are also generally first in the Zodiacal order, identifying the Spring/Vernal equinox. In general, Aries usually take on challenges with ease and are self-starters that are fully capable of reaching goals and accomplishments through self-application with minimal, outward interactions with others. They seek autonomy at times, physical and psychological activities and may be periodically impulsive.

Taurus Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

In general, the energetic nature of Taurus is influenced by the celestial body Venus. Taurus Moon individuals enjoy the comfort of experiences and possessions close to their heart. They need affectionate relationships and enjoy being surrounded by beauty. Taurus Moon individuals are also considered to be one of the most if not the most psychologically stable and effortlessly grounded individuals in astrology.

Gemini Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Gemini Moon individuals are psychologically dual in nature because of their relational, zodiacal symbol and connection to The Twins, and the influence of the celestial body Mercury which is associated with continuous psychological activity and communication. They are fond of connections with other individuals that are kindred and mirroring to their ideals, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, Gemini may be associated to The Lovers, setting a pursuit to discover a psychologically stimulating and compatible lover.

Cancer Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Cancer Moon individuals have firm familial ties, whether accepting to that reality or not. Most may enjoy family overall and seek comfort and meaningful engagements with their family by birth or the family they start with their spouse or partner. Cancer Moon individuals may embody an abundance of sensitivity and nurturing traits. If a Cancer Moon feels unassured in the relationships and ties that are extremely important to them, they may fear abandonment and may create illogical scenarios in their mind. At times, Cancer Moon individuals may enjoy a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere to snuggle in, reflect, or experience activities separately from others possibly spending long durations of time to themselves. After rejuvenation, they look forward to spending time with loved ones again.

Leo Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Leo Moon individuals enjoy excitement, purpose and accomplishments. Creativeness, confidence and charisma are connected with this placement. Through their confident and charismatic nature, they are capable of successfully guiding others by example to achieve their hopes and dreams. Like Aries Moon, Leo Moon is associated with the element fire and may exemplify a pioneering spirit, yet their approach to completing accomplishments may be slightly different.

Virgo Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

In general, the astrological sign of Virgo is influenced by Mercury, the celestial body associated with continuous psychological activity and communication like Gemini. Virgo Moon enjoys psychological stimulation and experiences and enjoys assisting others whenever possible with helpful knowledge they have acquired. Virgo Moon individuals enjoy being of service to others and may feel loved and cared for when others appreciate their contributions.

Libra Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Individuals with a Libra Moon are most at peace when their minds are balanced and there's peace and equality in their environment. Generally, Libra individuals become imbalanced more so than many other astrological signs when there's conflict. Libra Moon individuals are influenced by the celestial body Venus like Taurus Moon and enjoy aesthetically pleasing surroundings as well.

Scorpio Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Individuals with a Scorpio Moon may seem secretive and may at times exemplify unsteadiness in thoughts of the mind due to isolating, intrinsic methods of conducting logic, which may become occurrent when contention arises. Generally, the astrological sign of Scorpio appreciates meaningful depth in life experiences and relationships, so they are usually not frivolous in nature. Earning the confidence of a Scorpio Moon individual creates a possibility for an eternally loyal connection.

Sagittarius Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Individuals with a Sagittarius Moon enjoy wisdom and adventurous experiences. They may embrace an extensively global approach and are attracted to continuously new experiences because boredom insets quickly for them. Some Sagittarius Moon individuals may be quite philosophical, spiritual or religious and may engage in a lifelong adventure for seeking spiritual truth through experiences.

Capricorn Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Individuals with a Capricorn Moon usually exemplify stability because of their connection to the element earth and the celestial body Saturn, which is relative to patience, discipline, structure and dedicatory work. Individuals with a Capricorn Moon should take care in not overexerting themselves due to ambitions and duties. Capricorn Moon individuals are most balanced in relationships where boundaries and ambitions are defined with those they are involved with.

Aquarius Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Aquarius Moon individuals are most balanced when they can enjoy autonomy and freedom. This doesn't mean that they aren't a social sign. Aquarius Moon individuals value making friendships and may have a variety of all types of friends. Aquarius Moon individuals may also exemplify a rebellious, independent nature at times which usually isn't out of disdain, yet a need to balance their own individual processes aside from community and friendships.

Pisces Moon Brief, Initiate Descriptors

Individuals with a Pisces Moon are extremely perceptive and emotionally opulent. In general, the astrological sign of Pisces is relational to spiritual experiences and transcendence and these individuals may be quite spiritual in nature. They also enjoy fantastical experiences through the mind and at times in real life. Pisces moon individuals are extremely creative, and they utilize this as an outlet from everyday usual events. Pisces Moon individuals may embody an abundance of sensitivity and nurturing traits like Cancer Moon individuals.

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