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Uranian energy is in association with the celestial body Uranus, with its placement of the seventh planet from the Sun, as well as, the element air and the astrological sign of Aquarius. When the prior are assembled in fullness, understanding the nature of Uranian energy is formed. The planet Uranus’ unconventional, distinct rotation on its side approximately at ninety degrees to its orbit, which no other planet rotates, specifies its independent nature. Referring to the element of air, associated with the archetype of the astrological sign of Aquarius, there’s the embodiment of community, information, technologies, reformation, humanistic consciousness and the focal point for liberty. More recent and immediate shifts within the existence of present society are being guided by advocacy, evolution and progress for others and self. This approach is positively the foundational basis of Uranian energy. Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel is ascribed for the discovery of Uranus.

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