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For Those Searching for Simplicity in Well-being

Integrative Studies and Arts, well-being, simplicity in well-being, approaches to health and well-being

Due to our digital existence, several circulations of self-care are presented and uploaded continuously. Multitudes of information within seconds, whether relational or inner developmental, and extending from those concentrations as far as one can imagine are dispersed daily. Well-being and wellness may be approached much differently by some. Well-being includes the word "being", which signifies a singular presence of an individual. Wellness is more significant to a state of being that usually extends outwardly from an individual. ISA does not encourage concentration on self-care only, because wellness can become quite complex and requires appropriate professionals for an individual's particular needs, whether it's a licensed counselor or physician. Yet visiting a counselor or physician for everyday care isn't feasible or possible, which is why many conclude they are intelligent enough to explore and discover ways to maintain balance on their own. This concept is not modern nor contemporary and has been practiced no matter the era. ISA shares studies, arts, and practices that derive from Ancient, Traditional & Contemporary/Evolutionary developments. Some practices that are spoken of today derive from ancient practices with either placement of additional concepts or more refined concepts from the original, ancient practices. Inherently this means, several concepts of today are not new or modern, they are simply modified. Practices such as crystal healing and mind-over-matter through cognition, even concepts to make keen or advance what some believe as innate telepathic or spiritual gifts have existed since ancient times. The concept of an intelligent and independent being is one who has the ability to determine their own needs within reason without neglecting professional intervention if or when needed. A few ways to simplify well-being may be to practice the following fundamentals and not be neglectful of individual and collective experiences as well in order to assist in maintaining balance:

Cognitive Aspect- Inner developmental approaches can lead to a more balanced concept of the efforts one may be more inclined to pursue and accomplish. Everyone is an individual, no one can necessarily perceive exact ways to approach matters or experiences for another, because it's quite impossible for human beings to possess that great of intimate access to another, and would be considered a phenomenal occurrence. Mindfulness and healthful reflection are practices that may be applied daily to understand one's environment and where equanimity may reside and expansion may develop. Most individuals are fully capable of navigating cognitive development in their own way, unless other factors are involved, such as clinical, psychological imbalances, and severe trauma.

Emotional Aspect- Emotions may periodically become more complicated, especially determining the factors involved. More likely than not, individuals not only experience their emotions but have contact with others' emotions frequently. This is simply a reality of life and may be approached as a way for individuals to develop and evolve through experiences of their emotions and through contact with others' emotions. As mentioned above, mindfulness and healthful reflection are practices that may be applied daily to understand one's status, environment, and that of others. If an individual finds difficulty with self-application of the prior approaches, then consideration to share experiences with those close and trusted to them will be ideal. Delaying the matter may create more complexities if there's a need for professional assistance, so don't be neglectful.

Environmental Aspect- Awareness of our surroundings is important. Providing healthful environments whenever possible will assist in physiological and psychological functioning. In the era we live in, digital consistency may become extremely apparent. There are continuous notifications sent, an endless stream of information being presented by the moment, and a constant state of visualizing and updating events. Balance is just as important regarding digital experiences as physical experiences. Reducing notifications and practicing reasonable scheduling to visualize and interact with digital experiences are most beneficial. Physical environments at home and away from home are best when complementary to healthfulness. Understandably, individuals cannot develop all environments to support the conduct they are focusing on as approaches to internal and external development, yet there are ways to make reasonable adjustments through creative thought.

Physiological Aspect- Our bodies have a way of notifying us when we are becoming stagnant in life, whether it's being stagnant physiologically or psychologically. Making an effort to practice intentional exercise for half an hour a day, ingesting foods beneficial to one's body, and restorative sleep have been recommended countless times by those within professional healthcare, as well as, those simply speaking from experience. This is considered common knowledge by many and there are numerous digital publications and texts offline by healthcare professionals where information may be accessed.

Societal Aspect- Being a part of this existence is a responsibility not only to oneself but to those around us within reasonable considerations. By inner development and gaining more understanding of self, there's a stable platform to healthfully present one's self and their contributions outwardly to external, day-to-day experiences, whether independently or collectively. It is most beneficial to mindfully approach concepts of balance on inner development and collective matters to experience more balance in life. As separate beings within a society, not one approach will be accommodating to all, so it's of assistance to consider this generality as others may have different approaches and experiences. This may include realizing that others may have practices that may be considered culturally or methodically extensive from one individual to another.

Spiritual Aspect- Some may approach spirituality separately or cohesively with a religion. As we all know, there are different religions and several denominations or branches possibly within those religions. Some have a belief that people are beyond what is seen on the surface of the physical body, which is considered deep within, meaning the spirit of an individual. Some individuals may apply efforts toward spiritual development and have experiences independently or within a cohort, group, or establishment. Countless amounts of individuals conduct practices without others being knowledgeable and individual practices are of the discretion and discernment of the one involved. Hopefully, practices derive from a benefic source, because if not, complexities and unfortunate developments may become apparent in the future. Spirituality is of an intimate partaking, yet it can be shared through experiences by collective, kindred means as well.

This information is provided for general informational purposes and is not a substitute or definitive to replace physicians' care or any religious or spiritual beliefs, practices, or establishments.

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