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Some Brief, Astrological Information About Connie

Connie is a Cusper in astrology. She has a different Western and Vedic scope in astrology.


Vedic Astrology

Her Nakshatra is Pushyami, Association

Region: Cancer/Karkata or Karka

Western Astrology

Her Moon Sign is Leo: 7 degrees in the 9th House, which is associated with Sagittarius: 9 degrees, Containing Neptune, which is associated with Pisces.


Majority Mode of Influence in the Birth Chart: Mutable

Additional Significant Planetary Influencers: Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus


Life Path: 9

Additional Information

As you possibly have read on the site, Connie studies and shares philosophies and practices, some of which are Vedic Wisdom including Ayurveda. She is a lifelong learner, creative, assistor, advocate for holistic empowerment, and an educator. She studied and received certificates of completion regarding Vedic (sidereal) astrology, Ayurveda, ancient lineage and traditional, classical yogic teachings, India and completed 500-hour and continued education courses regarding yoga training. Although there’s certainly not anything wrong with being a spiritual leader, Connie definitely doesn’t classify herself as one, nor do many people living in the West or perhaps, even the East that study, practice the above, or relative teachings. Although Integrative Studies and Arts scholastically engages with Vedic, ancient and traditionally holistic wisdom, it’s only reasonable in hopes to achieve respectful applicability to our Western experiences. Many of which, the applications may be of a more practical nature from a Western standpoint. Although in many aspects, countless ancient and traditional, classical principles are innately practical in themselves, regardless of derivation. Connie holds an interest in philosophies and cultures throughout the world. ​

Additional Education Relevant to Alternative or Complementary Studies

Western, Tropical Astrology

Family Herbalist Studies

Herbalist's Professional Studies

Herbal Care for Skin & Herbal Beauty

Aromatic Studies (Clinical)

Aromatic Care Preparation

My Story

I'm an inquisitive being and creative that enjoys applying learning experiences. Along the way, I enjoy sharing various subjects with others in hopes they may experience discoveries for themselves.

I've been aware and an observer of astrology since early childhood. My astrological studies and experiences continue to expand; I've enrolled in beginner's to advanced studies among some well-experienced instructors.

My herbalist studies and experiences began far before engaging with professional instruction. My great-grandmother, her birth name was Julia, but she was known as Lula, and she resided in the Appalachian Mountains during her upbringing. She knew many "old wives' tales" and had "mother wit" about herself. My mother will mention phrases my great-grandmother spoke of and past stories about her. It is with all certainty my great-grandmother grew up profoundly influenced by nature and the resources around her. She was aware of many remedies and recipes for care, kept up with the moon's phases, planting periods, and beyond.


Most of my life I lived in southern regions of the United States, a few areas being New Orleans, the state of Texas, and several rural areas as well. I've had experiences with quite a few vegetable/herbal gardens and flower gardens over time. That's not to say I have an immaculate green thumb, yet I love to enjoy the process and harvest of planting. Some of my first memorable experiences of farming and gardening were with my great-grandmother and grandmother of my mother's family and my grandfather and grandmother of my father's family. My grandfather was quite a successful agriculturist during his career. 


My father on the other hand, I don't suspect enjoyed the lifestyle as much, being that he and his siblings were to put a hand in operations at given times. As an adult, my father took a completely different path and attended university, became an engineer, and leader in his work environment.


I'll never forget my father throwing watermelon rinds with seeds like footballs in the farthest area of our family property as a child and me being fascinated when there was a full field of watermelons later on. I'm not an extreme watermelon fan, but helped everyone eat them, as well as my father shared them with neighbors in the community. 

My mother attended university in communications and for those who study and apply astrology, her Sun sign is Virgo, which is linked to Mercury, the planetary body, astrologically speaking, that is the promoter/influencer of communication. In astrology, Virgo is exalted in Mercury for those that were not aware. Although I don't believe she has a Mercury in Virgo placement, it's still interesting!


My maternal grandmother worked in the healthcare profession most of her life and she was born under the Sun sign Scorpio at the cusp of the second decan, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter/Pisces to be more astrologically accurate. Meaning, the presence of traits established to Pisces and Sagittarius are significant. In more traditional concepts of astrology, the sign of Pisces has an association to the 12th house, which signifies hospitals among other establishments and meanings and the sign of Sagittarius has an association to the 9th house, which traditionally signifies higher education and expansion of knowledge. Generally, an individual's Sun sign isn't necessarily indicative of what their career will become. That is more of 10th house association, I suppose. She was a leader in her environment as well and conducted health services in a hospital, educated, and trained other health professionals until she retired, which is intriguing. 

Well, enough of astrology. I'm not trying to persuade. I thought it may be of significance to beginners or others who closely observe astrology. 

My studies and experiences have been of an eclectic nature, from education, being a part of guidance and assistance when it was requested for workforce individuals that experienced brain trauma and additional persons with exceptional status, and Health Information Management. I have observed many people striving to overcome various challenges and improve their existence and that's what led me to many of the interests I have today. As well as the need for myself to maintain balance in life no matter any course to come. It would require several pages to list my interaction with experiences and studies, so I will end here, besides there's always plenty left to learn and discover.

Thanks for taking the time to know a little more about me and for visiting Integrative Studies and Arts! 


Articles: Ayurveda, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Allopathy... and For Those Searching for Simplicity in Well-being


Integrative Studies and Arts

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