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Virtual, AI Developments & Concepts for Fashion's Future

Not only will how clothing is made evolve, according to those involved with the art and operations of fashion, perhaps the way it's presented will also continue to evolve. Will there be major popularity with AI fashion models and figures, whether virtually or on real-life runways, that will assist us in completing our latest appearance? Will AI become an entire replacement for human fashion models? It's probably not likely that AI will completely replace human models or standard human experiences, at least not immediately, but as society and technologies evolve, the acceptability of further developments and the concerns toward sustainability may continue to create an array of new approaches, so who's really certain what's to come?

During and sometime after the recent pandemic, many business operations had to become creative as to how they would efficiently continue without the options of usual availability that were once openly provided. Fashion wasn't omitted and was probably impacted more than other business operations because it wasn't considered essential to have new clothing during a time like the pandemic. Understandably, with the limitations on travel, professional, fashion models and consumers could not go and come as usual. Although many virtual companies have been around for a while regarding fashion, establishments such as Lalaland and Reactive Reality, became more ideal during the pandemic. Only time will tell how future virtual, AI and AR developments will influence society. Possibly, in the next twenty or so years, there may be numerous presentations that will be considered ordinary that aren't today. Are you anticipating a more virtual fashion world and experiences?

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