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Mastodon, ISA Social Media Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Integrative Studies and Arts may be removing the social icon from the site with Mastodon, one of the few decentralized options for social media. It's not certain why there have been issues accessing the ISA social link to Mastodon, but the occurrence began today to our knowledge. We can assure you that Integrative Studies and Arts doesn't voluntarily or knowingly engage in malicious programs or activity. We haven't been contacted by Mastodon, not that there's expectation of contact if there's an assumption of said above activity, but we are settled in knowing the intentions of our activities on Mastodon or any other social media platform. It may or may not be an issue with Mastodon as a platform, but at this time ISA doesn't feel the need to be involved any further or try to resolve the issue. We are already quite busy in our involvement and posting on a number of platforms. There could be a number of factors, including the server chosen at the time of establishing an account, but that may not be the issue either. Here is an article on non-access to sites or links if you find yourself in this situation and want to look into it. There's already an awareness that some of our content is not of the usual, but we have approximately four posts that are general statements about herbal care for skin, a greeting, moon astrology, a mention of no-cost community program(s), and one link in our bio to our official site on Mastodon. Integrative Studies and Arts is a verified entity on Google and we are happy to receive any questions about our operations. We understand and encourage the safety of search and visiting sites online. Everyone enjoy the upcoming weekend and take care!

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