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Introduction to Moon Astrology

a community for love horoscope and zodiac compatibility, understanding moon sign concepts in astrology, astrology and love, self-love, romantic love

Hello Everyone!

Beginners’ Moon Astrology will introduce the Moon’s importance to an individual, astrologically speaking. There are three placements in astrology that hold a major presence, that is the Moon Sign, Sun Sign, and Ascendant Sign of an individual. Some in astrology refer to these placements as the Big 3. This is a starting point that may guide an individual to a better understanding of themselves, those around them, and the experiences they’ve had or may have in life in accordance with astrology itself. There will be posts about love and partnerships as well in relation to all the Moon Signs. This community is an Introduction to Moon Astrology, yet, please understand there are many more factors regarding an individual than their Moon Sign, Sun Sign or Ascendant Sign... Read more in the Moon Astrology Community.

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