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Herbal Lip Treatment for Fall or Any Occasion

Whether you enjoy diy experiences, you are interested in more organic, wholesome beauty items or your concern is freshness of beauty items, this simple, fun formula is fast and beneficial to the lips as a slight lip colorant and a moisturizing treatment. The image above is simply for the example of a lip treatment color that may be created depending on the amount of cocoa powder used, since individuals' preferences of tint will vary.


Food Grade Coconut Oil, 3.5 grams for moisturization and repairing of lips

Food Grade Candelilla Wax Flakes, 2 grams for solidity and shine

Food Grade Cocoa Butter, 2 grams for natural fragrance and moisturization

Cocoa Powder, 0.3 grams or more depending on desired color, adds color to lip treatment

Food Grade Vitamin E Oil, 3 droplets for antioxidant quality, preserver, preventer of, healer for dry lips


Ingredients and measurements create one lip treatment. Choosing the above ingredients in organic, non-gmo... form is optional. Cold pressed, virgin and certified ingredient butters and oils are most beneficial but are optional. Disinfect cooking implements and the preparation area with food-grade ethanol/ethyl alcohol, thoroughly wipe clean and allow to dry or soak implements in a clean sink filled with water that's been boiled to sterilize without alcohol. This lip treatment should last half a year to a year with Vitamin E Oil as the preserver. Using a small stainless steel measuring cup to portion and weigh ingredients on a small scale makes amount preciseness easier for some. Set the scale to 0.00 when adding each ingredient. Oils in liquid form can be measured and added more precisely with a pipette. Place all ingredients except the Cocoa Powder into a double boiler or small stainless steel pot or measurer with a handle that can be safely hinged or hung on the perimeter of the inside of a larger pot filled with a reasonable amount of water and slowly melt the ingredients over the warming water of the larger pot on the stove at the lowest heat temperature. Slowly and thoroughly mix the ingredients with a glass or stainless steel stirrer. Avoid overheating to preserve the amount of ingredients and the benefits of the ingredients. Add the cocoa powder and thoroughly stir into the existing mixture. Carefully pour the final mixture into a conventional lip treatment tube or a small container and allow the formula to dry and become solid. The tube or container without the top can be placed in a refrigerator for a few minutes to assist with drying. A thorough skin sensitivity test can be completed by applying the lip treatment on a small, freshly cleaned, dry area of the inner arm. This is a nice formula for fall or any occasion for a slightly tinted lip and a moisturizer.


The more cocoa powder added, the drier the formulation will become. The more cocoa powder added, the deeper the color or tint will become. Keep the lip treatment in a dark, dry, low-temperature area or inside of a refrigerator. After making or gifting, always list, store and share ingredients. Encourage others to complete a thorough skin sensitivity test and be deeply mindful of individual food allergies. This formula is best for individual use or gifting and not mass production of cosmetics because ingredients do not support extensive shelf life in certain conditions.

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