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Herbal & Additional Practices For Skin Enhancement

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Here's a short list of practices that are encouraging toward a luminous complexion:

1. Daily intake of clean, refreshing water for hydration.

2. Green tea is supportive of nutriment due to its antioxidant quality. Drinking roasted dandelion root tea may be beneficial as well. Be mindful of the intake of teas because they contain caffeine and may create undesirable physiological reactions, such as headaches, insomnia, nervousness or tenseness. Sometimes caffeine-free versions of teas are available.

3. Teas that support liver function work well by toning the liver and enhancing overall inner well-being which the skin will benefit from. Be mindful of intake or usage instructions available on the product's packaging.

4. Occasional intake of burdock root/gobo root or boiling for a few minutes and straining into a beverage supports skin from within.

5. Light flavoring of olive oil on foods is a way to receive beneficial fat that enhances skin.

6. Reasonable amounts of salmon in one's diet is a great supportive fish to receive beneficial fat that enhances skin.

7. Daily physical activity in the form of intentional exercise for half an hour per day encourages a well-responsive circulatory system.

8. A beneficial skin care regimen for one's skin type.

9. Gentle, proper application and removal of skin care to avoid pulling and stress on the skin.

10. Stress management supports overall well-being in turn encouraging the enhancement of skin.

11. Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and sugar.

12. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

13. Occasionally conducting facial massages to encourage integrity and stimulating blood circulation of the skin.

14. Give attention to what is and isn't personally beneficial with food or substance intake and skin care regimens for optimal results.

15. It's beneficial to intake foods and substances new to the body's system in small quantities or by following the product's packaging instructions to avoid any severe reactions. Topical skin enhancers may be tested by completing a thorough skin sensitivity test on a small, reachable yet obscure area of skin. An inner area of the arm is commonly chosen.

This information is provided for general informational purposes and is not a substitute or definitive to replace physicians' care.

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