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Foundational Aromatic Studies is Premiering on September 27th!

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This Lecture and Event discusses various topics regarding foundational aromatics beginning with enriching historical and cultural accounts of aromatics and beyond. There are several PDFs for informative purposes and study.

What to Expect from this Lecture & Event

A Voice-guided/Narrated Aromatic Studies Lecture and Event

Digital Writing and Video

Artful, Visual Presentation

Discusses Various Foundational Topics Regarding Aromatics

Concentration in Beginner Studies

Historical and Cultural Accounts

Connecting with Nature

Principles and Practice of Aromatics

Introduction to Anatomy and Aromatics

Holistic Care and Well-being

Botanical Terms and a Variety of Additional Topics


Professional Sources

Professional Resources

Optional Quizzes

Flexible Start Date

A Paced Event, Duration of 4 Days

Personalized Attendance Recognition Certificate

Continual Support with Plan

The lecture and event is paced for a 4-day duration, but may be subscribed to at any time. Time requirements for each day are 30 to 60 minutes, including time for PDF readings when it's applicable. It's recommended to relax for a period in between studies and then resume to complete the remaining 30 minutes for each day if an hour is required.

If you have any questions about this lecture and event, be sure to make contact for a timely response or sign up for the 2-day free trial!

This information is provided for general informational purposes and is not a substitute or definitive to replace physicians' care.

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