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Flavorful Summer Beverage Recipe

A person holding strawberries

Main Ingredients

Seven cups or fifty-six ounces of cold water, some may prefer water that has been filtered, or cover the fruit placed inside the container with nearly fifty percent ice, and lastly filling the remainder with water.

One cup of blueberries

One orange, sliced and peel removed

One cup of raspberries

One cup of strawberries, sliced after hull or calyx is removed


Additionally, a complementary herb or spice of choice may be added as a garnish or for enhanced flavor.


Wash fruits or ingredients.

Ingredients should be placed inside an accommodating glass container with a lid, a pitcher with a lid, or a container of choice with a lid. See main ingredients above for details.

Cover the ingredients with cold water or nearly fifty percent ice and the remainder with water. See main ingredients above for details.

Stir the ingredients.

Place the lid covered container inside the refrigerator.

Allow time for the beneficial flavors to enhance the beverage between two and eight hours.

Serve when ready.

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