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Color Connectivity in Everyday Life!

Become an advocate for your well-being and those around you through practical applications in everyday life with shades of color. Understand the connectivity through color from different cultural backgrounds, ancient, classical, and present-day applications. Know how color may be applied through a personal approach or collective experiences to assist in enriching life anytime and anywhere. This lecture offers a visual concentration, voice-guided/narrated, foundational approach, and beyond, so it can enrich all learners in a fun way!

This lecture discusses numerous topics, such as traditional approaches to color, psychology and color connectivity, art and color connectivity, visual perception and color connectivity, color connectivity in everyday life, the inclusion of Ancient Eastern philosophy and approaches to color connectivity, clothing and color connectivity, environments and color connectivity, food preparation and color connectivity, how to utilize your gained knowledge of color connectivity for better living and experiences through balance and personal fulfillment with simplistic practicality, enjoy PDFs for the purpose of application if chosen, access the Creativity and Connectivity Community with subscription, receive timely support, receive a contemporary designed personalized attendance recognition certificate with completion of the lecture and event, enjoy a 2-day free trial, and more...

The lecture and event is paced for an 8-day duration, but may be subscribed to at any time. Time requirements for each day are approximately 20 minutes, not including time for pdf readings when it's applicable or community engagement, which may increase the time to 30+ minutes each day.

If you have any questions about this lecture and event, be sure to make contact for a timely response or sign up for the 2-day free trial!

This information is provided for general informational purposes and is not a substitute or definitive to replace physicians' care.

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