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Announcements & Updates 1-7-23 Upcoming Lectures and Events

Integrative Studies and Arts' most recent, upcoming Lectures and Events will be offered online/preprepared, prerecorded, and will arrive in the very near future, this Spring '23, Summer '23, and Fall '23.

Everyone needs their beauty sleep! Connect with Integrative Studies and Arts on March 24, 2023, for The Sleeping Beauty, The Art of Life, Lecture and Event! This Lecture and Event discusses complementary approaches regarding herbalism and additional, beneficial routines to promote more restful and restorative experiences in life.

Additional Upcoming Lectures and Events are:

1. Herbalists' Foundational Studies, Lecture and Event, Summer '23.

2. Aromatic Foundational Studies, Lecture and Event, Fall '23.

Stay updated with further announcements in the Article's Area!

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