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Foundational Aromatic Studies

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This Lecture and Event discusses topics pertaining to Foundational Aromatic Studies, Beginner Essentials, Discussion About the History of Aromatics, Nature and Botany Discussion, Anatomical Discussion, Workings and Understanding, Contraindications/Safety, Practical Uses for Support in Life, Professional Sources, Professional Resources, and More. This Lecture and Event does not issue a certificate of completion as an Essential Oil Practitioner of any level and is an artful, independent presentation of aromatics, nonassociated with an organization. If you are interested in essential oils as a professional career, especially on a clinical level, ISA suggests seeking guidance from a personal choice of non-profit herbalists and aromatherapy organizations or any other applicable sources. Be sure to learn more about studies through provided PDFs with this Lecture and Event! The lecture and event is paced for a 4-day duration, but may be subscribed to at any time. With full engagement, each day's activity takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, not including time for study and pdf readings when it's applicable, which may increase the time to 30+ minutes each day. If you have any questions about this lecture and event, be sure to make contact for a timely response or sign up for the 2-day free trial! You will be automatically added to the program when purchasing the pricing plan.

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Foundational Aromatic Studies


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